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How it works...

High Energy Efficiency

Our whole house fan is much more of an environmentally friendly option as compared to central air conditioners or room air conditioning units.

Low Operating Costs

During operation, our whole house fan costs pennies per day. It is far cheaper than A/C and you can save hundreds of dollars in your electric bill every summer (if you have A/C).

Professional Installation

As a whole, our family business has installed over 18,000 fans! We accommodate roof trusses and attic joists, keeping your home safe and to code.

Low Cost of Job

Our whole house fan installed can be 5-10 times cheaper than a central air conditioning unit. If you do not have extreme summer weather, this appliance can replace your air conditioner entirely.

Removal of Stale Indoor Air

Because a whole house fan draws in hot air to the attic and then lets it out of the house, indoor air is considerably fresher. It helps in removal of odors and household toxins while providing excellent ventilation throughout the house.

Quiet Operation

You can operate our whole house fan throughout the night and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Reduced Need for Air Conditioning

When you use a whole house fan, the entire house can be effectively cooled down by drawing in air from the outside. When operated during the morning, evenings and nights during the summer, there is usually no need for air conditioning.

What Experts Say

San Diego Gas & Electric

“...a whole house fan can be an efficient cooling alternative to air conditioning...

Pacific Gas & Electric

“...the whole house fan is the single most effective tool to reduce your energy bill...”