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The Whole House Fan Company has been making happy customers now for over 40 years.
That means more than 40,000 Whole House Attic Fan Systems installed and millions of watts of electricity saved for thousands of satisfied people.

Savings at night – The “attic heat blanket” is gone and a cool breeze has replaced your air conditioner for 1/10th the energy used.

Savings during the day – Allowing the fan to operate all night, this “pre-cools” your home so expensive air conditioning does not turn on until later in the day, or sometimes not at all, reducing your energy bill.

Your personally designed, revolutionary whole house ventilation system will quietly replace the air in your home at a rate of 15 – 20 times per hour.
This results in healthier air quality and a drop in air conditioner usage by 50-90%.

In fact, today’s whole house exhaust fans pay for themselves on average within a year and a half, making them the most cost effective energy saving appliance on the market.

All this while making you feel refreshed and clean, like you were on the beach!

Most Effective Energy Saving Appliance On The Market

Your whole house fan runs when the sun is down, when the outside air begins to cool and the inside of the home and walls and roof are still feeling the effects of a blistering day. The fan pulls air through open windows into the home and through the attic, pushing the hot air out the vents and replacing it with the the cool air. This simple process adds several amazing benefits to any home:

  1. The attic, which can reach temperatures over 160 degrees, is dramatically cooled.
  2. The inside of the home is naturally cooled with the fresh, cool air from the outside.
  3. The air conditioner is relieved of duty and the energy costs drop substantially.

Whole House fans

Join more than 40,000 happy Whole House Fan Company customers and start enjoying your cool comfortable home for a fraction of the energy cost of running your air conditioner.

Whole House Fans are the most effective way to cool your home for a fraction of the energy cost of running your air conditioner.


Whole House Fans are the most effective way to cool your home for a fraction of the energy cost of running your air conditioner.

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